Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today I went to Walmart (I know, again) where I watched my two year old lie down right on the floor. I got home and set him in a lawn chair on the front porch with a very blue, very Crisco-y sugar cookie. He got set outside on a lawn chair for two reasons:

1. I had to drink a cup of coffee before I had the energy to put him to bed. That's because I was tired from cleaning the kitchen to get rid of the ants that had decided to come to my kitchen and gather around food particles that I can't even see.

2. I didn't want Blue Crisco Walmart Cookie Crumbs becoming a meal for ant families who must lurk just outside the door.

I scraped the side of the van against a pillar in the Stillwater Library Parking Structure Made By Sociopaths.

I slammed my finger in the dishwasher.

I had to read a lot of my daughter's science to help her figure out the answers.

I thought I lost one of Zeke's doggies without which he will not sleep nor function.

I tried to order some school materials. The site spun and spun trying to calculate my shipping costs. The order was actually supposed to ship for free.

I fought with Joel about how to be sincerely helpful when I am drowning in the sea of futility and post traumatic Walmart stress syndrome.

Then I went on a walk. The heavens were declaring the glory of God. I chatted with my neighbor. My husband came and picked us up because he thought we'd been out for a long time. I had ice cream. I read my daughter's blog about how much she likes our family. I talked with someone about their newborn baby and realized that I have had the pleasure of 5. I have 50 junior high kids coming to my house tomorrow. I have 3 tablespoons of wine and 5 crackers with cheese.

That's a little summary of the day.
It got better.


  1. Hey Marty. Was wondering about how things were for you today. I guess I don't have to wonder now. You continue to be in my prayers.

    By the way. . . Borax mixed with powdered sugar = dead ants. They scarf it down, take it home, and it messes up the whole herd's (I'm a farmer) metabolism and kills them dead in a couple days. I always make sure there is a nice pile of it under my stove and refrigerator.

  2. P.S. That was not Ethan that posted.

  3. So glad your day got better, Marty. Sorry it was so rough, but know that it's oddly encouraging to me to watch how life happens to you too - and the Lord gives you the grace to praise Him at the end of the day!

    PS. Maybe you should stay away from Wal-Mart for a while. ;)