Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The News

Last night I thought it would be impossible to learn anything more about Michael Jackson. Instead, I learned a fact I might consider being in the Top Five Disturbing Things About Michael Jackson.

He homeschooled.

I may never be the same.

Now, in addition to incredibly disturbing images of him with umbrellas, a weird nose, a white face, pressed lips and a creepy, breathy voice, I have to wonder:

What curriculum did he use?
Did he submit report cards?
Did they go on field trips?
What did he do for science?

And the most important question:
Did he ever wear a denim jumper and french braid his hair?


  1. Honestly....I wish you were here to hear me laugh when I first read your post. :) You crack me up. I'm thinking he would have looked nice in a denim jumper by the way.


  2. what curriculum did he use? "tapestry of face" or "lightson"...not sure which...

    what did he do for science? botox, skin bleaching, chemical reactions, and a box

  3. Homeschooling is always dangerous -- for our kids and for the World.

    All Christian parents are homeschoolers.

    Michael's parents were probably not Christian nor doing the schooling.