Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yes, But Not Yet

We received what I believe to be very good news this morning though it has one little string attached. The court gave a "very positive recommendation" to our adoption but there is some additional history that needs to be recorded in our girls' file. This additional info has to be done before we can get the adoption decree. We need the adoption decree for an embassy date so the possibility seems to be this: February 8th, additional court hearing; March 11, embassy date; March 5 or 6 travel.

I got two new pictures of our girls today which are very timely and make me almost incapable of doing anything but staring at my computer.

Emma called from Ethiopia. She is feeling more homesick now, in addition to be exhausted. She got to see our girls this morning--was allowed to give the baby a bottle and hold her for about 10 minutes and let our 2 year old see a video we had taken on the way to the airport. The video seemed to be a big hit both with our daughter and with the nannies who were translating who everyone was. While Lemlem had been afraid of Emma at first, she warmed up after watching the video 8 times (according to Emma) and then even giggled when she pushed the wrong button on the camera.

So we wait for a little longer, but we wait with great hope. I'll have to tell my eyelids. They seem to have chosen to deal with all this by puffing up to twice their normal size. I'll also have to tell the left side of my head. It wants to break off and shatter. I'll also give the heads up to my attention span. It has left me permanantly.

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  1. That left-brain analytical stuff is way over-rated. Attention span is left-brain regulated also.

    You will be just the perfect Ethiopian Mother with only your right hemisphere functioning. Joel can do the left side stuff.

    We are delighted to hear the Good News!