Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Week Ahead

I feel sort of like I did when I anticipated finals in college: there really weren't any days to finals week except the day and time of a particular test. It was all that mattered.

My whole week begins the morning of January 12th when we will find out if we passed court.

My next "final" is 24 hours later when we drive Emma to the airport to get on a plane, fly for 20 some hours and land in Ethiopia.

The anticipation of this week has given me some new insights:
1. It is easier to be busy buying trip supplies at a store you can't stand (Walmart) than it is to be done buying supplies and simply be ready to have your daughter get on a plane.

2. These two situations fully exceed my capabilities to cope, plan, control and analyze.

3. I have a new John Grisham book to read because it is easier to read about a man blackmailed into working for the biggest law firm in the country so he can steal secrets about a new fighter jet than it is to think about January 12. And 13th.

4. I love God more than ever.

5. I cried when our pastor recited the entire book of Philippians by heart.

6. I packed all of Lemlem's outfits because I was done at Walmart.

7. I have packed almost all of my outfits.

8. I have a new verse.

"Your promise is well tried,
and your servant loves it."
Psalm 119:140

I think I'll either be posting 10,000 new entries for the next 2 days or none at all until we know the outcome of court. It all depends on whether or not I can think up a couple more things I might need from Walmart.


  1. why are you driving Emma to the airport to get on the plane to fly 20 hours? You are going to Ethiopia too right?

  2. I am, but not until we have an embassy date. She is going on a missions trip with our church. Sorry for the lack of clarity!