Thursday, January 21, 2010

Post Christmas Birthday

Levi's birthday is in January. Unfortunately, I usually still feel a little "presented-out" even though it's been a month. This year I decided that I would be intentionally alert for gifts, big or small, that seemed like something Levi would enjoy.

I have not had much success. Now I know why.

The other morning at breakfast, we were having blueberries. Actually, I was having blueberry; Levi was eating them almost by the handfuls.

"You really like these, don't you?" I asked astutely, not even with my Birthday Radar on.

"It would be so fun to have my own package of these for my birthday," Levi replied. "I'd also like my own Atomic Fireballs."

No wonder the Target toy aisle seemed so pointless.

1 comment:

  1. seriously have considered giving avery his own bag of chips for his birthday. then, after he opened his presents, we could say, "all that and a bag of chips" and think we're 1996.

    he was once asked if he had a sweet tooth. he answered, "no, i have a chip tongue."

    i've also been known to give lucky charms for birthdays. it's the little things like this that usually get the biggest response.