Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who Started All of This Part 4

I loved the summer of 2005. We were back in Minnesota. We had 6 children. We had 3 girls, 3 boys. Our family took outings, did chores, worked on school, ate a lot, swam, biked, ran, went on picnics and played games. We painted cupboards, painted walls, and generally settled in. We tried to garden and ended up with some pretty great daffodils.  

In August, our family went back to having 4 children. Addis and Tabor returned to Cono. I thought I would feel relieved. Instead, I felt lost. I made too much food, set too many places at the table and worried about whom I had forgotten when we got in the car to go somewhere. Game night felt small. Our family felt small.  

Now, it all makes sense. 

Our dossier is supposed to go to Washington D.C. on Friday. My in laws are coming Friday. It is my son's 11th birthday today. I made a cake and cleaned the refrigerator. He's getting a globe, a pair of flip flops and his own box of Twinkies. His birthday supper choice: fried chicken, tater tots, salad and lemon cake with lemon frosting. Life has this way of looking normal. I hopefully share that way as well. But I, in my weaker moments, google the guest house in Ethiopia....  


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