Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Being Crazy

We needed one more letter to complete our dossier. We needed it by today. It was in Eden Prairie. We are not close to Eden Prairie really at all. I put Eden Prairie in the same camp with places like Sioux Falls or Des Moines. However, as yesterday afternoon loomed with no apparent plans other than music, chores and the organization of 5 children, I decided I would drive there. After all, I reasoned, I'll be flying halfway around the world to pick up our child; I might as well drive half way across Minnesota (well, almost) to get a letter. 

A couple things I learned after my road trip:

1. I have a new respect for anyone who drives on 35W to 62 west. 

2. My 7 year old does not have the capacity to look both ways before he pretends to be "A motorcycle guy" and rides across the street.

3. I have a new appreciation for the person in our neighborhood who drives a red Honda that has brakes.

4. My 7 year old can't cross the street anymore.

5. My hair can look like cats were fighting in it.

6. Our dossier leaves for Washington D.C. tomorrow.

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