Saturday, April 18, 2009


I ran a race today. I didn't race; just ran. I ran for so long I had plenty of time to notice things around me and then think about it for awhile afterwards. Here's what you get if you run with "my people."

1. Two people who discuss how many sirens there were when a friend of theirs had a heart attack.

2. Two men who ask each other how the knee surgery is affecting the stiffness of their knees.

3. A man in spandex running shorts with flames. Think Hot Wheel Car Zooba Pants shrunken and on a 50 year old man.

4. A man with a hat that had the word "Runner" embroidered on the back of it. That's because having running shoes, running shorts, a running shirt, a race number and running must not have been enough to alert us to the fact that he was a runner. 
a. I did think of one time when this sort of labeling would be helpful. I would wear something similar the next time I go to Walmart, only my hat/shirt/etc. would be emblazoned with the word "Shopper." That way, I wouldn't be confused with "Employee" as I have been. Twice.

5. A man who could have been my great grandfather say to me, "Are you all right? You doing ok?" accompanied by raised Eyebrows of Concern. Probably the universal signal for "Should I call 911?"

6. A description given of someone loud enough for me to hear and disturbing enough for me to remember: "Oh, you know Cliff. He's sixty years old and a gynecologist. He's very open about how much he loves women."
a. Note to self: Do NOT schedule an exam with anyone named Cliff.

I wasn't last. I finished. A glass of wine sounds really good.

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