Saturday, April 11, 2009

Little Updates

1. Joel and I went in for our "biometrics" today. Besides having my fingerprints partly "worn off" (the woman asked me, "Do you have kids and wash your hands a lot?"), we seemed to do just fine. We exhibited no open wounds. And, by the way, biometrics are just fingerprints. I was imagining something a bit more exotic.

2. We met a lovely couple while we were at the USCIS office. They were there to get ready for their second adoption from Korea. They had adopted a little boy whom they named Josiah. A year ago in June, he died after heart surgery. 

3. I went on a run today. When I go, I allow myself to think about our adoption. I was thinking about being worried. It occurred to me that I worry because I think that maybe God won't do things the way I want Him to. It then occurred to me that I would much rather have Him do things His way than mine. Worry put on the back burner...for now.

4. Instead of praying and asking for things, I tried to think of songs I really like. Instead of having Skip to My Lou stuck in my mind (a song I don't really like at all), I had part of a song go through my head that said this: "Every inch of this universe belongs to You, oh Christ, for through You and for You it was made." It was a great song to accompany a run through the country, until I came to...

5. Two scary dogs. One went in front of me, the meaner one went behind. I, armed with a water bottle, tried to think of What To Do When Facing Aggressive Dog Advice I knew. Unfortunately, I have also tried to acquaint myself with what to do if I were to ever face a bear and/or a mountain lion. All the Not Dying By Animal Advice came at me without the clear distinction to know which animal it really worked on: bang pots and pans; don't show your teeth, don't show fear, be the dominant one, don't make eye contact, don't come between them and their young... Bear? Mountain lion?Dog? I still don't know. I got home. The cows got a big kick out of it. The dogs let me walk down the road. The cows weren't interested in ripping me apart.

6. I still can't wait to meet our little girl.


  1. as for #5, what about "play dead"?? i'm so freaked out by the idea of being killed by a wild animal while trying to play dead.

  2. Yes, I don't think I could fake death. My heart rate and near hyperventilation would have made it impossible.

  3. If you are on their yard, it is rarely a crisis. When crisis does occur, feel very big. Don't look directly in their eyes. Tell them exactly what you want them to do in a commanding voice. Mentally image ripping out their tongue. Shake can of Halt(bike stores)three times. Spray dog's face with Halt if and when it comes for you. -Former USPS Mailman

  4. Woops - when Linda read this we noticed that a lack of proofing transmitted potentially fatal advice. This should start - "If you are not on their yard..."