Thursday, November 5, 2009


So far, our transformation into Tarahumara Indians is going well. Joel ran 2 miles barefoot on the treadmill, has about 6 blisters. I've eaten cabbage for breakfast.

This accomplishment of cabbage for breakfast, has made me look at our Ultra Running Magazine with a sort of spirit of comradery. I look at a description like this: "In the first half of the race, there's a six mile climb up Mt. Fuji that never fails to blow the race apart" and think, "That's not so far out of the realm of possibility." Or this: "Temperatures hit 96 degrees on Saturday...The only respite was for the 100 mile runners who made it through the torrid day and into the cool of the night; they got a reprieve from the heat during the few hours of darkness." Yes to 96 degrees! Yes to 100 miles! Yes to running through the night!

This morning I was trying to get in one last little doze before the breakfast-getting dressed-homeschooling all started. I stretched back to pull my pillow more firmly under my head when I heard a crunching sound and felt a crunching feel in the muscle between my right shoulder blade and backbone. I can't hold the phone between my ear and right shoulder. I can't fully turn my head to the right.

I injured myself.... in bed.

I'm thinking that perhaps the Canadian Death Race in Grande Cache, Alberta may not be for me. This year.

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  1. Oh make me laugh....I think I write this on every post....but seriously, I just laugh...out loud!! I, for one, am glad you will not be participating in the Canadian Death need to go to Ethiopia instead. Sorry you hurt yourself in bed. Hope you're feeling better tomorrow and can use your arm to hold up the phone....because I want to talk....a lot...maybe you can use the speaker phone option.