Monday, November 16, 2009

How My Family Thinks of Me (really?)

I like to dress "comfortably." That means I could almost be in my pajamas on any given day. Except that I can also go to a place like....Walmart, and look like I at least tried. I've tried to wear dressier clothes to perhaps be a better role model to my children or to fight against the I'm At Home All Day With Zero Adult Contact Wardrobe. However, I find that it is simply frustrating to reach for the errant potty puddle that is underneath and behind the toilet when my jeans don't do the reaching with me. A nice sweater can wreck my well intentioned Cook Indian Flatbread With Levi lesson when the flour and yogurt end up on the front. So most of the time, it's old jeans on a good day; sweatpants every other day. Tshirts, sweatshirts, etc.

It is this habit of dressing that must have caused Joel's comment on Sunday morning before church. I put on 50% of my Talbot's wardrobe: brown pants. I actually bought them last year before a party where I needed "holiday attire." What says Holiday like Talbots? Unfortunately, on Sunday, the Talbot pants were the only decision I had made. I still had on my extra large baggy slept in tshirts, with my Holiday Pants, when Joel looked up from the bed. "Is that what you're wearing to church?"

"Ummmm. These are my pajamas."

"Oh. I just wondered."

Tonight, Levi was looking at a stack of letters I had printed off. "Whoa! Who wrote all these letters?" he asked.

"I did."

"How did you make your handwriting look like THAT?"

For some reason, it makes me feel better that Levi would credit me with Times 12 font handwriting. Maybe I don't need to dress up after all.

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  1. I've always liked your alpha character that looks like a 'pi' with no eaves. It jolts me back to reconsider the entire sentence - just in case something was missed.