Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Worthy Quote

A friend and I are what we call "last on the list." We turned our dossier material in the last days of April. There was a huge sense of relief and of accomplishment. Now, however, that we are on "a list" of waiting parents, we are experiencing something new. We are watching other families receive the joyful news that their babies have been found. We know very well that it is not "our turn," that we do not "deserve" to have our babies yet. We are thrilled for the families that have waited all this time. And yet.... we still want it to be our turn. Our minds chasten us. Our hearts ignore our minds.

I think she managed to put it all into one sentence:
"I'm going to eat a piece of pecan pie and wallow in self pity. And pray that my baby's mama has had enough to eat today."

Well said, my friend. Thank you.


  1. yeah. it's like when you're waiting in a really long line and you're the caboose, but then you feel a little bit better when a half hour later you look back and see that twenty or so people have accumulated behind you. or not.

  2. Just wait a while....there are more of us coming up behind you....should make you feel much better. :)

    Wanna get your mind off the wait and help me with a dossier? hee hee. JK