Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dinner at Cub

There are dinner low points. One of them was at Cub. We needed groceries but I had the boys by myself. We needed to eat dinner. I decided we would combine groceries, dinner and boys. I bought 4 chicken legs, a footlong corn dog, a yogurt drink and two bottles of chocolate milk. I plopped the boys in the eating/customer service/make your own pictures/rent a rug doctor section of Cub, cut up the corn dog, blew on the chicken legs, opened the milks, got the napkins, instructed Eli on choking prevention and said, "Find me when you're done."

I got all the way through produce, lunchmeat, regular meat, deli and dairy before they found me. Eli's status message to me was this: "Mom, we all have stomach aches."


  1. the surprise, but not-so-surprise ending is great.

    corn dog sounded good until i got eli's report. mental note to self: get corn dogs at state fair only.

  2. I think there is also a size issue. Another note to self: not a footlong.

  3. I'm thinking about mailing you some vegetables.