Friday, May 1, 2009

Accelerated Science

I invented a new science program today. It is not for the gifted. It is for the pathetic. And that would be me. 

I have skipped, with a due amount of guilt, every single science experiment in our book. Until today. To make sure I did it, I called a friend of mine who has not one, not two, but three boys. I invited them over to do science with us as long as my friend provided lunch. She was more than happy to trade lunch for a half a year's worth of solar system science experiments. 

We did relative size of the planets (Earth is a tic-tac; Mercury is a sprinkle; Neptune is a jelly belly, etc.), we melted chocolate with magnifying glasses, made craters in flour and demonstrated a solar eclipse in the bathroom. 

And then, just for fun, we made a salt relief map of Ethiopia. I stopped short of requiring the kids to make a salt relief infant in the capital city.

Guilt gone; headache abating.

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  1. Hi Marty- It's Dana Cordell (you commented on my blog). I wanted to say an official hello! Sorry i have not responded sooner- i did not see your comment! Go figure! I would love to chat with you sometime about your adoption journey! How is it going? Oh the memories... and you are at Bethlehem... even MORE memories! We should set up a time to talk, if you'd like. My email is Email me and we can connect!