Saturday, October 24, 2009

Home Again

We went "up north to a cabin" this week. We don't own a cabin nor do we have an uncle, a parent or a brother who do. We have to do the next best thing called VRBO: Vacation Rental By Owner, an online site that has more rental places than one might think existed. And somehow, in the midst of all the choices, we happened upon a cabin 7 miles north of Lutsen owned by a wonderful family whose spokesperson is Joyce. Joyce sends us a key in the mail, asks us to clean up the cabin when we're done and off we go.

We went up for 3 nights. Had a fire in the fire place, had lots of soup and hot chocolate, watched the waves of Lake Superior crash onto the rocks, ventured to Grand Marais twice, had no cell phone nor internet service and loved it.

We got home last night, unpacked, did a Target run, got a movie for Joel and me, tucked everyone in and collapsed into bed. I topped off the whole experience by using Zeke's toothbrush. Yes, it was gross and it was unintentional. The last time I cross contaminated was when I put Joel's contacts in my eyes.

I would recommend cabins for family bonding. I would also recommend boundaries when it comes to personal items.

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