Saturday, February 6, 2010

Things I'm Doing to Get Ready

I have a new perspective on my house and its situation. For some reason, having two children come in, oh, 2 weeks for, oh, the rest of their lives, has spurred me on to see everything as A Thing in My Way, A Thing Not Going My Way or A Thing That Has Been Dirty for Way Too Long.

A Thing in My Way:
1. Levi, trying to help put up a crib
2. Clothes. Got rid of 4 grocery bags of them.

A Thing Not Going My Way
1. My dark chocolate candy bar getting eaten by my children.
2. Lady with puffy hair at Walmart who didn't like the sides of the aisles. Only the middle.

Things That Have Been Way Too Dirty For Far Too Long That Got Cleaned (because the girls will notice and they will care)
1. The boys' toothpaste cap. Got the crust off.
2. The edges of my bedroom carpet

I was able to get a lot done today that did not include being possessed by a woman who was possessed by her chocolate. There are 2 cribs in our bedroom. I helped put the border of a Yoda puzzle together. I bought toddler underwear with princesses on them. I helped talk the fraud department of our credit card company out of canceling our account because of a freakishly large purchase made yesterday. It was called airplane tickets.


  1. Serious nesting going on there! And for great reason!

  2. that's what i was going to say!! this is pretty much how i felt 3 1/2 months ago.

    goodness, marty, i hope i don't covet your babies! they're so beautiful. mine's alright...but a lot less ethiopian.