Saturday, August 15, 2009

Random News

1. Our 171-h form is coming in the mail. That means our petition for an orphan has been approved.

2. The courts are closing for a 3 week recess in late August through September but not for the usual 2 month summer break.

3. I don't like pygmy goats like I thought I would. They look like small versions of something scary from Leviticus.

4. I am the Cougar Soccer Team Coach. We have our first practice on Tuesday.

5. I have a parent on the Cougar Soccer Team who is already trying to trade players with another team because he thinks we will be "annihilated" by other teams and then made fun of in school.

6. The aforementioned parent might be pleased to know that not only do we have an apparently unskilled team, but we have a coach who is equally unskilled or possibly less so.

7. Soccer teams in grades 1 and 2 do not keep score. That may have escaped his careful attention to winning.

8. I am trying to build an electrical circuit with clothespins, a foil ribbon, a battery and a light bulb.
a. It is not going well.
b. I am ceasing to care about circuits.
c. I can boil down the most important aspects of electricity: don't waste it, don't put a fork in a socket, don't stand under a tree in a lightening storm. Science accomplished. 15 seconds.

9. I was going to let Emma buy Taylor Swift tickets.

10. I don't like Miley Cyrus.

11. I want to see the movie "My Life in Ruins."

12. Joel is running to church tomorrow. It's 32 miles away.

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