Sunday, August 23, 2009

Best Guess Timeline

I try to not call our adoption agency very often. Some weeks I manage to hold off; other weeks, not so much. I think that deep, deep down in the crazy parts of my being, I think that if I call them with some sort of casual question ("Soooooo, how do you fill out this government form?") they will then say, "Hey, we were just about to call you. Seems we've got a picture of a little girl here who needs a family."

That never happens. But I still call.

My latest call did garner a bit of information. It's still a guess but not a total shot in the dark.

Referral: September/October
Court date: November
Travel to Ethiopia: Late December/Early January

That information was filed away at an appropriate emotional level until I met a white mom walking out of Once Upon A Child with a 16 month old Ethiopian baby girl. Then I dreamed I had an Ethiopian daughter whose only word was Mommy.

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  1. I get excited every time I see you have a new post up! I really like this one. :)