Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Book I Actually Finished

A good friend of mine sent me a book called Baby, We Were Meant For Each Other, by Scott Simon. Simon is the host for NPR's "Weekend Edition." He wrote the book to explain his and his wife's journey to adopt two girls from China.

It is fitting that I finished the book today for on Wednesday, my birthday, we will go to the Washington County Court House to
formally adopt Lizzie and Sadie.

On page 173 (of 178) was this quote: "We wanted a child. We heard you needed parents. We wanted a miracle in our lives. Darlings, it was you."

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  1. so sweet! sounds like one to add to the list. (also, mystery solved! it's been bugging me that i KNEW it was someone's birthday on the 27th, but i couldn't remember for the life of me! you! happy birthday, awesome friend!!!)