Monday, June 28, 2010

Random Updates

At the doctor's office, I was asked if Lizzie had ever had tubes in her ears.
I informed the nurse that as Lizzie's village did not have roads, Lizzie's home did not have toys and Lizzie's family did not have a mother, I was fairly certain that no, she did not ever have tubes in her ears.

I was asked, "Are these your real children?"

Joel managed to collect 3 SETS of stool samples. And now I take them to the lab in a labeled paper bag and I drop them off. No discussion.

Perforated eardrums do not hurt when they become infected. Good news. Perforated eardrums smell really bad when they are infected. Bad news. Very bad news. Especially for the sibling who has to sit by it in the car.

Minnesota Orchestra:
Plays an awesome free concert the Monday night before July 4th.

Easy recipe that I liked:
Pasta-feta cheese-tomato-garlic-olive oil-thawed chopped spinach-summer sausage

Great quote from John Piper:
"Hold fast to the Word of life or you will be mushy, hazy and irrelevant."

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